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Project Timeline

September 2008

While implementing a new loan pricing platform for a London Investment Bank, I was faced with the problem of writing unit tests for the complex domain object graph and rich API of the pricing service. I created an automated testing tool written in Java that tested each getter and setter of a JavaBean using factories that generated random test values. The pricing platform was delivered on time and was considered a successful and significant achievement for the bank. Graham Williamson

April 2010

In April 2010 I created the Mean Bean open source project, hosted at SourceForge and licensed under the Apache License V2.0. I started from scratch and created a completely new codebase that would provide greater test coverage, increased functionality and reduced complexity. Graham Williamson

May 2011

From version 1.0.5 onward Mean Bean can be acquired from the Maven Central repo. Graham Williamson

October 2011

With version 2.0.0 of Mean Bean it is now even easier to test your getters, setters, equals and hashCode methods. The core library has been revisited and stripped back to its simplist form. You no longer need provide a factory for your class under test when testing equals and hashCode. Instead, the EqualsMethodTester and HashCodeMetherTester now behave like BeanTester, taking merely a type. These changes are the direct consequence of great feedback from early adopters. You know who you are – thanks! Graham Williamson


Since the project began development has progressed rapidly, taking Mean Bean from a rudimentary form to a feature-rich and stable release. We’re still working hard to ensure Mean Bean is a useful and comprehensive Java testing library. Graham Williamson

Project Members

Graham Williamson

Graham WilliamsonGraham is the creator and lead developer of Mean Bean. He is the owner of Figment Software, a technology consultancy through which he works as a freelance software architect and developer in the City of London.

Graham can be found on linkedin at:

You can contact Graham directly at


YouIf you find this project interesting/useful, have some free time and would like to contribute, please Contact us.


Figment Software

Figment SoftwareWeb hosting, development and expertise donated by Figment Software. Official Mean Bean support and training is available from Figment Software‘s trained consultants. Read more…